Public Nuisance

In response to numerous complaints, the Randall County Commissioners voted to adopt the Public Nuisance Ordinance (ordinance # 2002-1) on March 26, 2002. This ordinance is pursuant to the Texas Health & Safety Code Ann. 343.021.

Illegal dumping, random storage of junk or abandoned vehicles, dilapidated or abandoned buildings and the illegal disposal of trash and refuse has become a major issue throughout the state and Randall County is no exception. All of us are affected by environmental crime, whether our tax dollars are used to clean up an illegal dumpsite or because the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink is diminished.

During heavy rains, this pollution is being carried to residential wells throughout the county. There have been incidents of well contamination and the subsequent loss of fresh water supplies from those wells. There is also the problem of trash, debris, abandoned buildings and discarded or junked vehicles that become breeding ground for unwanted insects, rodents and other disease bearing vermin and venomous snakes.

Cleaning up these areas will improve the quality of life for all Randall County residents and insure positive growth. With everybody’s help, we can take pride in our community and provide a better environment to raise our children.

Sheriff Richardson is committed to the well being of the citizens and continued, positive growth of Randall County. He shares the belief that the vast majorities wish to live in a healthy environment. He also understands that there are instances where well-intentioned citizens lack the means or ability to deal with the problem of debris and trash.

The Sheriff’s Office has programs to assist property owners to comply with the Randall County Public Nuisance Ordinance. It will take an effort from all of us, as a community, to make a difference.

For more information call or write to:

Environmental Officer
Randall County Sheriff’s Office
9100 S. Georgia
Amarillo, TX 79118