Public Information Officer / Community Engagement

Sgt. Clare Hinkle

Public Information Officer

Sergeant Clare Hinkle has worked at the Randall County Sheriff’s Office since January 2020. Prior to being the PIO, Clare was a Patrol Deputy with the Randall County Sheriff’s Office. Clare has a Bachelor of Science degree from California State University, Fresno and will complete her Master of Business Administration in December of 2021. Clare has previous experience in marketing and public relations and is also a Certified Sommelier.

The primary function of the Public Information Officer is to participate and interact with the citizens of Randall County to affect a reduction in the number of crimes and to enhance the quality of life in our community.

PIO / Community Engagement Subdivisions:

Citizen Academy Student Academy

The Randall County Sheriff's Crime Prevention Program will include activities such as:

- Establish Neighborhood Watch Programs
- Assist with security issues in both businesses and homes with security surveys
- Provide for Operation I.D.
- Work with Crimestoppers

Available to present programs to the public through the media and personal appearances such as:

- Crimes Against Children
- Crimes Against the Elderly
- Personal Protection
- Drug Awareness and Education
- Armed Robbery
- Theft and Identity Theft
- Rape Awareness
- Gangs
- Home Security Inspections

For more information and to request services from the Crime Prevention Division, contact Sgt. Cody Jones at:

Sgt. Cody Jones
Randall County Sheriff’s Office
9100 S. Georgia
Amarillo, TX 79118

Office: 806-468-5652 or 806-468-5800
Fax: 806-468-5653
Email: sheriff@rc-sheriff.com (attn. Sgt. Cody Jones)