Civil Division

The Randall County Sheriff’s Civil Division will serve civil process anywhere in the city limits of Amarillo and Randall County. Writs are only served in the geographical boundaries of Randall County.

Sgt. Cody Weavers

Civil Division

Cpl. Brent Williams

Civil Division

Deputy Amy Osborne

Civil Division

Deputy Heather Lee-Acker

Civil Division

Iris Garrison

Civil Division


Cost of Civil Services:

Certified Bill of Cost $180.00 Citations $90.00 Citations by Posting $90.00
Citations by Publication $90.00 Citations Scire Facias $90.00 Civil Capias $180.00
Distress Warrant $180.00 Eviction Citations $90.00 Forcible Detainer $90.00
Incapacitated Person Posting $90.00 Notice $ 90.00 Notice by Publication $90.00
Notice of Trustee Sale $90.00 Notice to Take Deposition $90.00 Order of Sale $180.00
Precept to Serve $90.00 Subpoena $90.00 Subpoena Duces Tecum $90.00
Summons $90.00 Tax Warrant $180.00 Temporary Protective Order $90.00
Temporary Restraining Order $90.00 Turn Over Order $180.00 Writ of Attachment $180.00
Writ of Execution $180.00 Writ of Garnishment $180.00 Writ of Habeas Corpus $180.00
Writ of Injunction $180.00 Writ of Mandamus $180.00 Writ of Possession $180.00
Writ of Re-Entry $180.00 Writ of Supersedeas $180.00 Writ of Sequestration $180.00

Service of or attempted service of any civil process or order not otherwise provided for $90.00

For posting of Notice of Sale of Property on Writ of Execution, a fee of $25.00

For executing any writ past the two hours, an additional fee of $50 per hour, due at time of service, plus $75.00 each additional day and $0.60 per mile for travel outside Randall County

For executing or attempting to execute any writ not otherwise specified, all courts, a fee of $180.00

For posting written notices in public places, as may be required by law, a fee a $90.00 for each location.

For executing a deed to each purchaser of real estate under execution or Order of Sale, a fee of $10.00

For executing a Bill of Sale to each purchaser of personal property under Execution or Order of Sale, when demanded by the purchaser, a fee of $10.00

Commission for collecting money on Execution, Order of Sale, Bill of Cost, or a Turnover Order, a fee of five percent (5%) with or without a sale.

For each civil case tried in a District of County Court of Law a bailiff’s fee of $5.00

All mail concerning civil matters should be mailed to:

Randall County Sheriff’s Office
Civil Division
4320 S. Western St.
Suite 101
Amarillo, TX 79109

Office: 806-468-5652
Fax: 806-468-5653